Video Project

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Same script, two different ways

Video 1:

Video 2:


Group Members: Alyssa, Justin, Jin Suk, Mike


Abercrombie Shirt(s)


Air Jordan’s


Blu-Ray Disc Player


Coach Handbag(s)


College Textbooks


Ford F-150


Samsung Galaxy S4


iPhone 5 16GB


iPad 16GB


Amazon Kindle


Macbook Air


Oakley Sunglasses


Sony PlayStation 3


Microsoft XBOX 360


Analyzing Comics

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Analyzing Comics.

Modern Shakespeare

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Sorry about the smearing on the poster, it was really windy outside; especially on the 14th floor of 309!



I would place my graffiti here, on the Quad side of the English building. . There is a twin staircase on the North and South end of the building, I would pace the image twice, in the exact same spot, so people would have to see it if they wished to enter the building from the quad.


Remade Street Thing

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Remade Street Thing.

Graffiti Analyzation

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This image was located outside of Walgreens on Green St. I have seen at least one other stencil penguin on Green St. on the North side of the street outside of a bar. I believe that this image is just a tag of its artist. The placement of both penguin images do not seem to have a significant meaning to express, nor do they have any sort of text associated with them; with the exception of what appears to be a small N. I believe that the artist just wanted to give passerbys no image to look at, while still exposing it to a large number of people by placing it on both sides of Green St. in plain sight. The artist was successful in the placement of this image and if they are looking for rep or credit by having their image seen by the most people, Green St. is a very good choice.


This image is located in the men’s bathroom right outside of out classroom in the basement of Illini Hall. The image is placed in the left most stall, the smaller of the two, on the door. The artist placed the image on the door so that those who used the stall would be forced to see it upon leaving. The image had no text or writing of any kind around it, so I believe that this image is just a tag of the artists creation, probably just a face from his imagination. It resembles the smiling winking stick figure that we saw in Exit Through the Gift Shop, but I do not believe that the images are related. I believe that the artist was successful in getting his image seen by whomever decides to use that stall, but it is not meant to be viewed by the public at large and get a message across due to its location.


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This image is interesting because it is sending a message of the hidden intentions, even at a young age, of the opposite sex.

Banksy is showing the escalation of control over the people through blind obedience and how soon nothing will be tolerable, not even a child riding a tricycle. The symbolism of innocence is further enhanced by the fact that the two balloons form a heart shape as the cold official ignores the reality of what he is doing and blindly follows the guidelines he is given.